Kandida joined us already as an adult and proven queen, from the Blue Moon cattery where she was born and had two very nice litters. Kandida is a very elegant and slender cat with a superb ear placement. She’s extremely sweet and cuddly with us and friendly to anybody, but she has a character strong enough to be respected by the other cats. Kandida’s grace hides an athletic body and she can make incredible jumps without any visible effort.

Pedigree     Pictures

She’s also a very good breeding queen and mother, and we hope she will help us to improve the type of our Oriental Longhairs as well as she did for the Balinese breed in her birth cattery. A huge thank to Mirjam and Harald (Blue Moon cattery) for entrusting us with their wonderful queen. 

Kara Kandida of Blue Moon (22. 07. 02)

Siamese variant Foreign White

Arhantin Snowman (Siamese Foreign White)

Aldinia della Luna di Tina (Balinese Lilac Tabby Point)

Bruxelles February, 6th 2005: Exc 1, CAC; Rheinhardt. >>>more





we are grateful to M. Kessler (Blue Moon) for supplying these images