About us  

Welcome on the website of the cattery Urrikana. We are a young and small cattery located in Brussels, dedicated to the breeding of the Oriental Longhair. Of course shorthair kittens will be also available as we work to improve the type of our cats by crosses with Oriental shorthair and Siamese cats.


We want to focus on the breeding of silver colours, particularly the silver shaded which is very rare in the oriental breeds, as well as on white (green eyed). But our first concerns are the health and the welfare of our cats. That’s why we want to keep a limited number of cats in order to care properly for each one of them. Our philosophy is clear: all pedigreed cats, breeding cats or show cats are FIRST OF ALL pet cats! Then all our cats live together with us, including our male.

Consequently for sanitary reasons, his stud services will be strictly limited to people we totally trust. We hope to contribute to the improvement and the promotion of this so elegant cat, which combines the extraordinary character of the Siamese with the class of the Oriental and the grace of the Balinese. Please, feel free to contact us for any additional informations, we’re always ready to share our passion.






Urrika de la Draiecour (OLH Havana Smoke)

Urrika de la Draiecour (Oriental Longhair Havana Smoke) was our first Oriental Longhair. Alas, we lost her at the age of six months due to an incurable congenital abnormality of her liver. The name Urrikana is then dedicated to her memory, because she taught us the beauty and marvellous character of this breed. We will never forget our “little broken angel”.