Hennessy was the first oriental longhair queen in our breeding. She had a wonderful black silver ticked tabby colour with a very nice contrast and a very pure silver. With her big and well-placed ears, her endless tail and her jumping energy, she was the squirrel of the house. Hennessy also had a wonderful temper, she was confident, cuddly and talkative, and she always had something to do or to explore!

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Thank you a lot Nina (FIN*Noxx cattery, Finland) for this gorgeous princess that we will not forget.

Henny was always very busy: see Hennessy's diary

FIN*Noxx Hennessy (12. 11. 06 / 28. 07. 08)

Oriental Longhair Black Silver Tabby Ticked

Hennessy was also a very good mother for the only kitten she raised. Indeed Hennessy died giving birth to her second litter ( with 7 kittens, only 3 of which survived this birth), due to a womb rupture that caused a massive haemorrhage.