Guylian is our new girl, and a dream come true, as she is our first silver shaded OLH girl. Guylian is out of the best english longhair lines and has a typical english look, with very good eye shape and large well set ears. She is also a strong and large cat for a female, without being heavy. She has an excellent skull shape and a good chin, and a marvelous fur texture, long and silky, and she shows incredibly long hairs behind the ears making her look like a butterfly !.

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But Guylian is also the sweetest cat ever! She is only purrs and cuddles, but as a good oriental she is always having a lot of (silly) ideas to have fun.

We wish to immensely thank Phillippa Browning (Pippastro cattery, UK) for entrusting us with this georgeous shaded girl.

Pippastro Guylian (14. 10. 07)

Oriental Longhair Chocolate Silver Shaded

GC Pippastro Silversmith  (Oriental Longhair Black Silver Spotted Tabby)


Ardagh Molly Malone (Balinese Chocolate Tabby Point)