Gattaca is a fruit of the friendship and cooperation between Yazoo, Nabucco and Urrikana catteries. She is on her mother side the grand daughter of our first red silver shaded stud GIC Indigo von der Alten Weide, and on her father side the grand daughter of the first chocolate silver shaded stud we've bred: Urrikana Iridium Idol. Her type is still rather moderate but with no faults, and her very light silver shaded colour makes her together with her mother Nabucco Alya one of the more silvery Oriental Longhair on the continental europe.

Pédigrée     Album photo

Gattaca is a discreet girl, and is very sociable with the other cats as well as with humans, sweet and cuddly without being intrusive.

 Un huge thanks to my friend Thomas Matzelle (Nabucco cattery, Germany), for this adorable silvery girl.

Nabucco Gattaca (18. 09. 11)

Oriental Longhair chocolate tortie silver shaded (spotted based), PRA negative

Yazoo Amenophis  (Oriental Longhair chocolate silver spotted tabby)


IC Nabucco Alya Moon (Oriental Longhair chocolate tortie silver shaded)